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The cups

The cups

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+ Unique piece
+ Handcrafted
+ Daily use
+ Perfect imperfections

The base of the cup is turned on a potter's wheel. The handle is added by hand, after the trimming step of the piece. Following the first firing, each cup is hand-glazed with its own colored glaze before going back to the kiln for the final firing at 1250°. The random application of the glaze brings uniqueness to each piece as the material melts in the oven. After the last firing, the visible part of the clay is sanded for a smooth finish.

Approximate dimensions:

H: 6cm
D Ø: 9 cm
L With handles: 13  cm
Colors: Red / Yellow / Pink & red
Earth: Sandstone
Weight: 200g
Volume: 220mL
Technique: Potter's wheel and Modeling

Cups, plates and bowls are dishwasher safe, but hand washing is the best option to maximize the life of your ceramic pieces. It is recommended to be careful of stagnant tea and coffee that stains dishes.

Note: Each item is a unique handmade piece, so the shape and color intensity may vary slightly.

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