About me

About me

I am Mathilde Pointeau, a French ceramist and product designer. I lived in Berlin for 4 years, where I founded my own ceramics workshop. Passionate about crafts such as ceramics, woodworking and textile design, I like to explore the different characteristics of materials and their strong emotional powers. I am now based in Nantes.

The vision I propose in my work is based on the emotion of bright colors and their positive impacts. I like to work with complementary colors, which can surprise and shake up preconceived ideas about materials. The values I adopt in my life and in my work are based on kindness and gentleness. Sustainable design including responsible materials and a minimal lifestyle are essential to me.

At the atelier, all products are handmade and are therefore unique. I develop small series around tableware and interior decoration.



My products are distinguished by minimal shapes and intense colors, offering a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. My work transcends the simple object to become a true artistic expression, capable of arousing emotions and enriching your daily life with beauty and harmony. Discover tableware and interior decoration products to enhance your daily life.


Modelage Passoire


Here all products are made by hand and are therefore unique. I mix art and craft in my work and take a refined approach to creation. A product must be simple to be usable on a daily basis. All stages of production are carefully controlled to result in a quality finished product. I mainly work with stoneware using modeling and potter's wheels.

I am working on developing new colors by making my own glazes. This allows me to control the quality and intensity of the colors for a glossy, food safe and durable finish. My glazes are lead free.

Ceramic offers several parameters with which we can play to create unique pieces such as the color of the clay, the glazes, the textures... This material allows a lot of possibilities !

I take care of everything at the workshop: creation, production, photography, communication, shipping!! So sometimes the deadlines are a little long.