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Incense holder

Incense holder

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Stoneware incense holder

Discover incense holders, a fusion of art and functionality. Made from French stoneware, then glazed by hand, each piece is unique. Each incense holder brings a touch of mystery and originality to your meditation or relaxation space. Let yourself be carried away by the captivating ambiance created by the smoke rising from these unique incense holders, adding a new dimension to your relaxation ritual.

 Approximate values:

D Ø: 13,5 cm

Manufacturing details:
I first do the bisque firing at at 950°C. Next comes the application of the glazes. Then, I fire for a second time at 1250°C. The mixing and superposition of glazes brings singularity to each piece when they melt them in the kiln. After the last firing, I sand the clay for a soft and pleasant finish.

Note: Each item is a unique handmade piece, so shape and color intensity may vary slightly.

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