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Colanders (Small)

Colanders (Small)

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+ Unique piece
+ Handcrafted
+ Daily use
+ Perfect imperfections

The colanders are entirely modeled by hand. They are made with French stoneware. Following the first firing at 980°, each strainer is glazed by me with its own colorful glaze before the last firing at 1250°. After the final firing, the visible part of the clay is sanded to a soft finish, ready to join your home!

Approximate dimensions:

H: 8.5cm
D Ø: 16cm / With handles: ~ 22 cm
Colors: Mint / Yellow / Pink / Purple
Finish: Glossy
Earth: light sandstone
Weight: 480g
Technique: Modeling

Hand washing is recommended for this product, it remains the best option to maximize the life of your ceramic pieces.

Note: Each item is a unique handmade piece, so shape and color intensity may vary slightly.


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