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I am Mathilde Pointeau, a French ceramist and product designer. I lived in Berlin for 4 years where I created my own ceramic workshop. Passionate about crafts like ceramics, woodworking or textile design, I like to explore the different characteristics of materials. I am now based in Nantes

All products are handmade and are therefore unique. Every step of the production process is carefully controlled to ensure a quality of finished product. I work mainly with stoneware by modeling ant throwing the clay.

I design objects in small series. Tableware, home decor and jewelry are my main products.

Ceramic offers several parameters that we can play with to create singular pieces such as the color of the clay, glazes, textures, pigments, engobes...

If you wish to order products, and for any personalized
order, you can contact me directly by mail at :

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Find my products here :

 2 Rue Desaix 44000 Nantes 


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Credit image : Pauline Bernard // www.studiopoline.fr & Mathilde Pointeau