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Serving platter #2

Serving platter #2

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Serving platter - bicolor

The serving platters are handmade with the modeling technique. Their random, organic shape gives them a very soft and unique visual. Each tray is a work of art. Their clean, minimal design evokes a sense of movement and fluidity, bringing a touch of calm and harmony to your living space. Perfect for serving your favorite snacks or simply as a decorative piece. They add an artistic dimension and a touch of refinement to your interior. Let yourself be seduced by the simplicity and timeless beauty of these pretty ceramic trays, designed to provide a daily dose of color.

Approximate values:
D Ø : 28 cm / 24cm

Manufacturing details:
I first do the bisque firing at at 950°C. Next comes the application of the glazes. Then, I fire for a second time at 1250°C. The mixing and superposition of glazes brings singularity to each piece when they melt them in the kiln. After the last firing, I sand the clay for a soft and pleasant finish.

Note: Each item is a unique handmade piece, so shape and color intensity may vary slightly.

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